Phonart Saudi: Every Possible Angle

Art Exhibition as part of Misk Art 2018

There are detailed places in corners of our daily lives, these details are a main part in writing our daily stories, it is possible that what we document with our eyes is translated through tools that we chose, we don’t care much for these tools as much as we care about the honesty of the outcome it carries to the viewer. Every Possible Angle, is organised by Phonart in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as part of Misk Art 2018 under the title of “Generational Dialogue”

The exhibition is curated by: Abdulsalam Alamri and Kholood Albakr.


Hythem Aldaham | Art Director

Abdulkareem Alsadoon | Graphic Designer

Mansor Alsofi | Program Manager

Heba Al-alkami | Project Senior Manager